"So good it can't be healthy"
My name is Stefanie Antorcha and I am the owner of BamBody Nutrition. As an IFBB Bikini pro, personal trainer, nutritionist, wife and parent it is so important to keep my body and mind in tip-top shape . Does that mean that I don't have a sweet tooth...HELLLLLL NO. Does that mean I eat plain chicken and broccoli everyday... NO BLEEPIN WAY! I was tired of eating the same food, the same way, day in and day out...That is how Bambody Nutrition was born. Putting  my BS degree in nutrition to work, I have scientifically designed the most DELICIOUS protein treats that you will ever taste! All Bambody nutrition treats are hand-crafted to provide you mind blowing taste and satisfaction without ANY guilt. We only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients to deliver the cleanest, diet friendly treat that you will ever taste. Enjoy a BamBody Treat anytime of the day as a healthy snack or have "dessert" with every meal.