What is a Treat Pack?

A Treat Pack is a variety of three different flavors with a total of 10 treats.  It usually contains some of our signature items and specials of the day. All items in the Treat Packs are 18g of protein, under 10g of carb and under 4g of fat.


 Can I pick what is in my Treat Pack?

The Treat Pack comes as is, however, you can add in the comments your favorite flavors and "cross your fingers" :))))


 What is the Specialty Dozen?

It's a "Special Flavor" that is only available for a limited time, it contains 12 Treats of the same flavor.


How many items come in a treat pack?

10 treats come on a treat pack


Can I request what I want in my treat pack?

Treat packs come “as is” with the special treat pack items of the day. You can add in the comments your top choices,  however it is not guaranteed. 


How do I know what will be in the treat pack before I order?

You don’t!!! that’s part of the fun!  Make sure you follow us on IG and Facebook to get a look at the “specials of the day".


How long does it take to receive my order?

Roughly, expect about 5-7 business days (we do not ship on Saturday and, duh, Sundays)  


Will my order be made fresh?

We carry no items “in stock.”  Everything is baked to order.  So, when you order, your order now patiently waits it’s turn in line.  The orders are sent to the kitchen, where our amazing and talented culinary engineer creates them in the order which they were received. 


How long do my treats last?

Your treats will remain perfect and fresh for 14 days. 


Do I need to keep them refrigerated?

No, they do not have to be refridgerated, however, we do recommend keeping them in the refrigerator to ensure freshness.  ALWAYS refrigerate your treats IMMEDIATELY after receiving for at least 30 min before opening container.  This will make sure any shifting or melting during shipping settles.


I have a show in 3 weeks how can I keep my treats fresh?

FREEZE THEM!!! If you freeze your protein treats they will last FOREVER!!


Where can I find the macros for my treats?

Go to the treats page and all macros are listed on that treat. If you ordered a specialty or custom order check your bambody brochure or email us at bambodynutrition@gmail.com


How much sugar is in my treats?

Ummm hello?  Did you miss the whole concept here? BamBody Nutrition protein treats are sugar free and sweetened with stevia. The only treat (excluding any specialties) that contains sugar are the s'mores with 6g sugar.